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Because the world needs more Rebecca Blacks

If it isn’t enough that people like Rebecca Black are able to go viral without any help, we now have to worry about companies like VideoViralViews pushing videos viral in order to make money on advertising through YouTube product placement. Companies are now able to buy YouTube views and Itunes ratings and comments in order to push a video into the spotlight. In return, they get free advertising on a video that will be seen by millions. Maybe money can’t buy happiness, but now at least it can buy popularity!

I bet there wasn’t an advertisement before this video when Rebecca originally posted it…

Happy Friday y’all.

Source: http://productplacement.biz/201110213703/branded-entertainment/videoviralviews-com-helps-songs-videos-and-apps-top-charts-at-itunes-and-introduces-youtube-product-placement.html

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