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“Were you also gay back then?”

Speaking of friends, how about the movie Friends With Benefits. The comedy contains multiple references to pop culture and product placement for several brands, most notably GQ (who conveniently put Mila Kunis on their cover the month the movie was released).

However, even more noteworthy is the negative product placement for Harry Potter. Throughout the movie, there is a running joke that Justin Timberlake’s character, Dylan, used to be a huge nerd who was obsessed with Harry Potter. Which is also awfully convenient considering Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows premiered just a week before Friends with Benefits. One of several instances poking fun at the movie:

[referring to the tattoo on his waistline of a small yellow lightning bolt]
Dylan: Check it.
Jamie: A lightning bolt?
Dylan: Eighteen. Wanted super powers.
Jamie: Yeah.
Dylan: I was a little into Harry Potter back then.
Jamie: Were you also gay back then?
Dylan: Harry Potter doesn’t make you gay!
Jamie: Okay.

Not that this had any effect on Harry Potter, considering the movie grossed 125 million in its opening weekend, while Friends with Benefits grossed a mere 18.5 million in its opening weekend.

We also can’t forget about the iPad Bible app reference; first because its just hilarious, and second because the rest of the movie was filled with Sony products, considering the movie was distributed by a company owned by Sony Entertainment. But it’s no surprise that Apple’s one product placement managed to trump Sony’s multiple attempts.

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Would you hold it against me?

Britney Spears’s “Hold it Against Me” music video may not be as shamless as Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” for product placement, but it’s pretty bad nonetheless.

Instead of making more of an advertisement/commercial out of the products like in “Telephone,” “Hold it Against Me” flashed the products at you. The placement of the brands can even be considered subliminal advertising because of the rate at which they are flashed. I first noticed this when they kept flashing a camera lense. After about a minute and half, I then learned that this camera lense was supposed to represent Sony. Then I realized that that’s probably why the scene was set in a tunnel of hundreds of Sony screens and monitors. If I could tolerate the video, I would love to go back and count how many times the name Sony then appeared. It was actually a ridiculous amount of times, but I guess this makes sense since Britney Spears is signed by Sony Music.

In addition to Sony, the mysterious Plenty of Fish website that was in “Telephone” made another appearance. I guess Britney’s looking for a new man because she was also on the website browsing the postings. And, might I add, on a Sony laptop, of course. Perhaps that’s why she was experimenting with the Make Up Forever brand eyeshadow and danced around with her new fragrance called “Radiance.” I must say, she did look radiant in the video, so I’ll probably be rushing to the nearest store that sells them really soon!

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