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“Were you also gay back then?”

Speaking of friends, how about the movie Friends With Benefits. The comedy contains multiple references to pop culture and product placement for several brands, most notably GQ (who conveniently put Mila Kunis on their cover the month the movie was released).

However, even more noteworthy is the negative product placement for Harry Potter. Throughout the movie, there is a running joke that Justin Timberlake’s character, Dylan, used to be a huge nerd who was obsessed with Harry Potter. Which is also awfully convenient considering Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows premiered just a week before Friends with Benefits. One of several instances poking fun at the movie:

[referring to the tattoo on his waistline of a small yellow lightning bolt]
Dylan: Check it.
Jamie: A lightning bolt?
Dylan: Eighteen. Wanted super powers.
Jamie: Yeah.
Dylan: I was a little into Harry Potter back then.
Jamie: Were you also gay back then?
Dylan: Harry Potter doesn’t make you gay!
Jamie: Okay.

Not that this had any effect on Harry Potter, considering the movie grossed 125 million in its opening weekend, while Friends with Benefits grossed a mere 18.5 million in its opening weekend.

We also can’t forget about the iPad Bible app reference; first because its just hilarious, and second because the rest of the movie was filled with Sony products, considering the movie was distributed by a company owned by Sony Entertainment. But it’s no surprise that Apple’s one product placement managed to trump Sony’s multiple attempts.

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Not so conspicuous

Is it a commercial? Is it a spokesperson? Nope. It’s just regular TV!

Advertisements are everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard to catch every detail. It’s especially hard to find when the objects are so intertwined with everyday life. Did you notice how many shots of cell phones there were? Did you notice how in the scene of Pretty Little Liars, all of the girls were holding the same exact phones? Little coincidental, huh?  In a scene of Gossip Girl, they were all playing Guitar Hero. To a lot of people Guitar Hero is such a regular activity they probably didn’t even pick up on it as a brand.   

How about the episode of Gossip Girl with the Vitamin Water on the bar? I had to watch it twice to pick up on that. But, now seeing it, it’s very clearly product placement. Who drinks Vitamin Water at an upscale party?

Notice in the video, some are more obvious than others. The continuous use of the Apple laptop in Sex in the City was incredibly obvious. The same goes for the different food brands like Subway, KFC, or McDonald’s. We noticed their precense, but it doesn’t get too much in the way of the actual program. But, sometimes advertisements are so obvious that they actually interfere with the episode. How about the clip from The Secret Life of the American Teenager with the Clean & Clear surge. Or what about the iPad where the entire family crows around it. Out of context, they could easily have been mistaken for an advertisement.

But, the winner for the worst and most obvious product placement is that of Biggest Loser. Check out their minute — and not so gracious– advertisement for Ziploc containers. I counted them saying Ziploc 4 times, see what you get!

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