You make counting look so delicious

Skittles Riddles Math      Cheerios Counting Book

Hershey's Kisses: Counting Board Book       The Oreo Cookie Counting Book

While our main focus thus far has been product placement in movies and television, we want to show just how ubiquitous product placement really is. For all those out there who think that books are immune to the typical shady business practices of other forms of media, think again. In fact, it is actually difficult to find kids books that do not center around popular brands and popular TV shows (if you know of a generic counting book please share the title in a comment!). The above examples are great because they cover many of the topics we have addressed so far: product placement geared towards children, product placement in the form of games and interactive tools, and product placement in less obvious places. What happened to the good ole days when kids used rocks and marbles to learn to count?


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